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Katzuki - The Simple Life by RooksRookery

Hi! Welcome to my page! My DeviantArt name is MyKatzuki but you can call me Kat, Katz, Katzu, Katzuki, whatever floats your boat!
I am a digital artist who enjoys creating images based on animalistic OC's. Drawing animal based OC's is mostly within my comfort zone, but I'm beginning to take interest in anime like drawings as well. ^_^ I like to create both traditional and digital art, but digital art is how I carry out most of my practice. I've been mostly inspired by various wonderful artists on DeviantArt. This website is what got me so passionate about art, and I hope to improve in the future. = )

My moirail is RooksRookery <>

I am absolutely obsessed with Harry Potter. The entire concept, story and characters are absolutely wonderful, in my opinion. .u. I can certainly say that I'm a member of the fandom. It's one of those stories that I hold close to my heart. Reading/watching it makes me content, and has helped me through bad times. I'd also say it's had a big impact on my creativity, especially in writing.
That being said, I really enjoy reading and writing. :D It's something that highly entertains me. I love reading other's writing. It's extremely interesting analysing each other's style! I enjoy writing so much because it allows me to escape into a world of my own. It's got a wonderful, heartwarming feel to it. I love it. ^_^

My favourite animal is a cat. This includes all kinds, even big cats. I think they're absolutely beautiful creatures, having being an owner of two cats myself. .u.

I am currently not taking point commissions, art trades etc as I am very busy at the moment and can't find the time to draw. Although I will hopefully get back to drawing in the next few months or so. We shall see. = )

You have my apologies for rambling on. ^_^' But, I'd love to learn more about you! If you wish, you may leave a comment on my page. I'll gladly chat. C:

Chasing Cars~

Cm: RavenSong by SlaveToTheMochaCm: Jaggedwhisker by SlaveToTheMocha


My moirail: :iconrooksrookery:



.: Katzuki Connecting icon :. by RooksRookery
[COM] For mykatzuki ( 1 / 3 ) by LiticaHarmony
let it snow -re upload- by Rubyjessicalockheart+PP+ Ying Icon by Sky-Yoshi
MyKatzuki icon gift by SeariiGemma Noding Icon by BluefirewingsKat Icon by Searii
Purple Catfish Icon by Bluefirewings
MyKatzuki wiggle commission by koscha
[No name]
:CO: Mykatzuki icon by Freeze-pop88

Reminders for myself

People who owe me art: (Just to remind myself ^_^')
:iconrooksrookery: Picture of my catfish character with background.
Picture of Iocosa with background.
:iconeyesinthedark666: Picture of Katzuki and Rookfeather.
:iconiheadsetshiba: Kiriban prize.
:iconfinximmani: Pixel of Tiago.
:iconaritheweasel: Picture of Galen. (TLK style)
:iconvanilliana: Custom pokemon fusion
:iconzorigalactic: Rookfeather pixel



Comment For A Thing

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 23, 2014, 11:47 AM
DeviantArt | Drawings

Stolen from InkyWings-X
Thought I'd just do this for a bit of fun, really, considering I'm currently not sure what else to do for a pastime. lD

How attractive you are

[] Ew not really
[] Gross
[] Ugly
[] You're ok
[] Alright getting better
[] Cute
[] Gorgeous/beautiful
[] Hot!!! B)
[] Perfect~ 
[] I honestly don't know what you look like! :I

What we'd look like in a picture

[] Normal
[] Holding hands
[] Pulling faces
[] Couple poses

Where I'd get your named tattooed on me

[] My wrist
[] My leg
[] My belly
[] My back
[] My neck
[] My foot
[] My ankle
[] My ass 

What we'd do if we lived together

[] Party, party, party!!!
[] Eat ice cream for breakfast
[] Have pillow fights
[] Go to the bedroom~ 
[] Have movie nights 
[] Cuddle and kiss~
[] Not live together in the first place...
[] Do whatever you wanna do
[] Do stuff...

What I'd do if you snuck into my room at night

[] Scream!
[] Tell you to get out
[] Grin mischievously
[] Watch movies with you
[] Let you stay the night 
[] Kiss/cuddle you
[] Blush
[] Attack you

What I'd do to you in the rain

[] Push you into a puddle
[] Kiss you
[] Hold you close
[] Let you under my umbrella 
[] Give you my jacket 
[] Jump on your back
[] Run away
[] Start to sing randomly
[] Dance with you

What I'd do if I saw you naked

[] Walk out of the room scarred for life
[] Smirk and laugh
[] Take a picture 
[] Just stand there awkwardly
[] Say, "What the hell?! Get some clothes on!"
[] Blush
[] Walk out as if nothing happened B)
[] Scare you
[] Take your clothes 

What I'd do if we kissed

[] Smile and blush
[] Be surprised 
[] Push you away
[] Pull you closer
[] Bite your lip so you'd bleed 
[] Wonder if we would kiss again
[] Slap yo' face!
[] Freak out, squeal and run around
[] Off to the bedroom~

You should...

[] 1. Be my friend
[] 2. Comment to my profile more
[] 3. Watch me
[] 4. Note me
[] 5. Put this as your journal so I can comment to


Chihiro~ Commish~ by Jib-Jab

Harry Potter Stamp by Kezzi-RoseHogwarts Stamp by WetWithRainHarry Potter Club Stamp by Dhesia
Cat Love Stamp by cloudratNinja Cat Stamp by Gokulover4everBlack cat stamps by Shizuru117
Homestuck Stamp by CrystheWaterNinjaHomestuck Stamp by SinderishStamp: Sollux by Michiru-Mew
Baccano 34 by princess-femi-stamps
Baccano stamps (c) princess-femi-stamps
TVoA: Florence Pixel Card by Huggleduck

.:And If I Seemed Dangerous, Would You Be Scared?:.

[BIRTHDAY] MyKatzuki by Huggleduck

Huh, for some reason I have the urge to write an X Reader fiction and upload it here on DA. It'll be Homestuck based, as they do look somewhat fun to write. ^_^ Below. you can choose what I write. :D (Sorry for lack of choice. ^_^') 

5 deviants said Eridan X Reader
4 deviants said Sollux X Reader (Just an explanation here, the lack of choice is because I'm currently not confident with establishing personalities. ^_^')
4 deviants said Nepeta X Reader

Fabulous Quizzes :33

Your result for The Homestuck Trolls Personality Test...


15% ARADIA, 39% TAVROS, 8% SOLLUX, 20% KARKAT, 55% NEPETA, 53% KANAYA, 25% TEREZI, 20% VRISKA, 10% EQUIUS, 0% GAMZEE, 19% ERIDAN and 41% FEFERI!

Your name is NEPETA LEIJON.

Your trolltag is arsenicCatnip and :33 < *your sp33ch precedes itself with the face of your lusus who is pawssibly the cutest and purrhaps the bestest kitty you have ever s33n!*

Take The Homestuck Trolls Personality Test at HelloQuizzy

What Homestuck Kid Are You?
What Homestuck Kid Are You?
Hosted By Anime
What Element Fits You Best?
What Element Fits You Best?
Hosted By Anime

What Death Note Character Are You?
What Death Note Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime


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