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Pixel card made by Huggleduck

Hey there! Welcome to my page. Feel free to do as you wish and even say hi if you wish to enjoy a bit of a chat - I don't bite and I'm always open to making new friends! : D I'm here on DA to be social and simply enjoy the beautiful artworks created by others. There's so much to learn from all you guys and it's nothing short of incredibly fascinating! So, just chatting about general interests, chatting about your artwork and OC's, or perhaps even roleplaying would most definitely be something that I'm open to!

:bulletgreen: Please do feel free to ask me a question if there's something you're concerned/confused about, I will be glad to answer as long as it's nothing worthy of being deemed appropriate or personal.
:bulletgreen: I don't mind if you thank me for faves/watches/llamas - If that is what you wish to do, then go ahead! I shall not snap at you simply for such a polite gesture. c:

:bulletred: Please do not send me comments/notes begging for points, as I deem it to be rather rude and it most definitely is a way to put someone on the spot.
:bulletred: Please do not ask me for watches/faves, as I believe that also puts someone on the spot, and I prefer to do things like that by my own judgement.
:bulletred: Please do not use any form of insensitive/racial/homophobic/ablist jokes or such on my page, as it is not just for my benefit, but I wouldn't like someone else who stumbles upon my comments section to become triggered by careless choice of wording.

Art below made by Sadarang

Chasing Cars~

Cm: RavenSong by SlaveToTheMochaCm: Jaggedwhisker by SlaveToTheMocha
Hi all!
This is RooksRookery here, and I just wanted to write a 'lil something for you to read about the lovely MyKatzuki
This girl. This lovely is one of the most perfect, talented and amazing persons I could have asked to meet and befriend, and I am glad that we met each other. My life a few years ago was horrible, I was depressed and just really didn't know what I was going to do any more, I just wanted to give up. But we found each other on here, and my life started to climb back up hill from it's low point, and I found a reason why I wanted to live again- because you're such an incredible and kind-hearted person Gemma. You've gradually made me start loving myself again even though I've always despised myself, and thought I was a terrible person. Like the song goes, which I always will relate to our friendship;

I just want to thank you so much for existing, and helping me with my struggles, and allowing me to help you in return. You are really one of a kind and I just.... jefklsdjfj I'm glad you chose me to be your moirail!
I'm so happy I got to visit you as well, it was well worth the travel, and I certainly won't forget those days we had. I just want to huggle you forever. And don't forget that even if you feel down about your artwork or literature, you really have improved so much and each piece you do will always go towards improving further! And I think your style is fantastic and unique anyway! Keep up the good work babu >u<
I know those reading this will probably think all this is cheesy, but this person really deserves all the praise she can get, she's just fantastic, and if you befriend her also, you've made a good choice.
Thank you for letting me use your laptop Gemgem, and I hope you like this little message <3


My moirail: :iconrooksrookery:


Art below by DarkSkyBlue


[COM] For mykatzuki ( 1 / 3 ) by LiticaHarmonylet it snow -re upload- by Rubyjessicalockheart+PP+ Ying Icon by Sky-YoshiMyKatzuki icon gift by Searii
Gemma Noding Icon by BluefirewingsKat Icon by SeariiPurple Catfish Icon by Bluefirewings :CO: Mykatzuki icon by Freeze-pop88


R.I.P Robin Williams

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 28, 2014, 1:01 PM
DeviantArt | Drawings

Although it has been quite some time since this wonderful actor's tragic death had been announced, I'd still like to make a journal dedicated to the comedy legend.
Without a doubt, Robin Williams had starred in a series of movies that have truly enhanced my childhood with some of the greatest stories I've ever witnessed. He played an incredibly wonderful role in Jumanji, which I often watched to take comfort from it's mythical side [It's just good to escape the real world sometimes, y'know? Well I think he played the main part really well and made it all that bit more humourous and interesting!] Or I'd turn to the movie Mrs. Doubtfire when I'd simply want to indulge myself in a heart warming, yet amusing story. They weren't the only great movies he's starred in, this wonderful man has had me laughing on so many occasions with so many classics. It's such a shame that he had decided upon committing suicide, as he was most definitely a life to be treasured. He's done so much for the world through the use of his wonderful comedy. He kept us all smiling by hiding his own sorrows.
Robin Williams, may you rest in peace. 


Harry Potter Stamp by Kezzi-RoseHogwarts Stamp by WetWithRainHarry Potter Club Stamp by Dhesia
Cat Love Stamp by cloudratNinja Cat Stamp by Gokulover4everBlack cat stamps by Shizuru117
Homestuck Stamp by CrystheWaterNinjaHomestuck Stamp by SinderishStamp: Sollux by Michiru-Mew
Best Moment Ever Stamp by CrystheWaterNinjaKarkat Stamp AWAYFROMEEEE by ToxicKhroegerStamp: EriSol by Queen-of-Choice
Cute Sollux Stamp by allivegotarerainbowsI Heart Fantrolls stamp by ifAnyoneCouldStamp: Dave by Michiru-Mew
Stamp: Terezi chibi by Michiru-MewStamp Meow by Michiru-MewHomestuck Cosplayer Stamp by AskSirCarlos
Eridumb Stamp by FoundreveGemini stamp by ParamourxLightsViolet Prince by YukinoTenshi23
Baccano 34 by princess-femi-stampsBaccano 29 by princess-femi-stampsBaccano 24 by princess-femi-stampsBaccano 19 by princess-femi-stampsBaccano 1 by princess-femi-stampsBaccano 4 by princess-femi-stamps

Baccano stamps (c) princess-femi-stamps

Huh, for some reason I have the urge to write an X Reader fiction and upload it here on DA. It'll be Homestuck based, as they do look somewhat fun to write. ^_^ Below. you can choose what I write. :D (Sorry for lack of choice. ^_^') 

6 deviants said Eridan X Reader
5 deviants said Nepeta X Reader
4 deviants said Sollux X Reader (Just an explanation here, the lack of choice is because I'm currently not confident with establishing personalities. ^_^')


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trollian lovers by DarkSkyBlue
MyKatzuki Featured By Owner 4 days ago
It's amazing!
Thank you so much, I'm in love with your artwork and everything I've commissioned from you so far is nothing short of perfect. <3
You never fail to exceed my expectations and leave me speechless. :huggle:
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;;; v ;;;
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remind me why we're still awake
MyKatzuki Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Because we're both insane.
I don't particularly think there's any other explanation for it other than insanity.
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Watch back? thank you:3
MyKatzuki Featured By Owner 3 days ago
I'm afraid I must decline.
You have my apologies, it's just that I'd rather watch artists on my own accord, rather than do a watch-for-watch trade with them. c:
I appreciate that you watched me though, and your pieces are very beautiful. ^_^
Have a nice day, my dear! :33
OctoberOwl Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh gawd Katz what is your webcam
Have you destroyed the house yet?
MyKatzuki Featured By Owner 3 days ago
My webcam has to be one of the best digital creations that came out of Megan's visit to Newcastle.
And no we didn't successfully destroy the house, but we did make an absolute mess of my room. lD
OctoberOwl Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
... It pains me to know how close the world came to ending
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